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Deadman Bone
Subaru Boys: Final Heaven
West Africa
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Cruel Santino – Deadman Bone – Lyrics and Translation

Shorty use her feet and stamp
Collector she don’t want tease her pam pam
I rate her, any man ah chiga we ah slam
The Slater come give me that kush ganjaman
Like disciple shorty use her feet and stamp
In the cycle n***** think they bigger than pac
Aint no lie yeh, play the game you beat it and stop
World eye, that’s the monster gun shot
Me suffer, the wicked wanna see the man down
Me nah fall, on your mark, come face the beast firm and proper Now we weave all the bullet that they shoot from afar,
Santino be the chosen one
Nah free the other man
Kinda cold in the block but we hot boy
Took a deal six figures boy im out boy
Santino with the dance I got the pop boy
Now we making all the moves I need to stop boy
She said Santi how could you learn
I Kissed her, finessed her. Took off with the bands
The Carter, the shorter, Big money
Santi Lowkey how could u learn
Okay waste your money, she don’t even want one Come and see something
She gon need a lil pump
Homie kill kill , he aint with that god son
Come and get some, girl I know you want some
I know they talking about me, im the sh*t don’t send it They don’t know sh*t, im lowkey, just like the reverend It aint do or die, and I even gotta touch it
You know im pretty wild, so my b*tches Gotta function
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