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Double Homicide
T.A.P (Talk About Poe)
West Africa
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Ladipoe – Double Homicide – Lyrics and Translation

[Poe’s Verse]
Is this about to be another double homicide
Everything you think is dope, n***a I personify
Yeah, I personify, eating rappers all the time
You know mo ti je un tan when I leave my fork inside
Baby I don’t have the time we cannot afford to fight
I’ll be going in till I throw it in at 45
Okay lemme show you, you should come around in 45
Meet me at the level where the others haven’t qualified
I don’t have to quantify the rapper’s that I nullify
It’s easy being dope when the rest of them are borderline
Man I really love it when they talk about Poe
But I know it’s all pride and I really have to swallow mine
See this girl, you gon really have to swallow mine
If you gonna do it, baby do it with an open mind
Bad enough you putting in the work like its overtime
Sending pictures to his phone so why the hell you calling mine?
[Ghost’s Verse]
Man there you go again Poe always hogging all the shine
This dude stays getting all the dimes
Bet you these glorified hype men listening are mortified by how this beat was getting sodomized
Yet while they loligag
Barely scratching the surface like body rash
Doing their latest musical versions of a Ponzi scam
In comes Ghost the polymath, to put the beat in a body bag
With bars known to arrest the cardiac
Respect my n***a that’s all we ask
Not to be slept on like a vampire who’s an insomniac
Hate to brag but any kid who got our autograph Should feel honoured coz it’s gonna become an artefact
Word to Rélé this is the art of rap
Attempting the Dbrown dunk is closest I’ll get to trynna dab
Since its TAP season Poe you can put this on the tab
Though it’s homegrown n****s think it’s an imported draft
Oh lawd I’m hot as a blowtorch
It’s like I’m chillin on Mars and I sent a postcard And the flows so vivid it could be in folklore
But most wouldn’t get the picture even if they posed for it
See I got that work but really it’s no chore
Slippin these niggas the middle finger to choke on Double homicide hommie yeah this is the post-mortem
Login off narco Ghost man the dope boi
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