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Fada Fada
West Africa
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Phyno – Fada Fada – Lyrics and Translation

Chineke nne m ego kwa now gbenyezege
Every day by day i just dey celebrate oh
Everything i do e just dey penetrate oh
I just want to say o, thank you Jehovah oh
See I’m living large, I get Angels o for my gate oh
Never forget where I come from, na from ghetto
Oh no no no no no no no no no no (ah)
I just want to say o thank you Jehovah oh (eh)
Bu re kene riwo otuto Fada Fada eeeh (Fada Fada eeeh)
A di kwam Loyal o Fada Fada eeeh (Fada Fada eeeh)
[Verse 1 –  Phyno]
I ma puti ru ogu nwanne belu ebelu
Anyi kolu gi ife anyi fulu nwanne you must kwere
See I come from East, enter street, brother you know
Ezi m ife I turn to beast, you already know
I ma na onye ahu nyelu m ndu nga efe ya efe (Eze bi ge bi)
Onye ahu nyelu m ego nga eto ya oh (Eze bi ge bi)
I ma na ndi akpo kpalu m bu nga ese ha ese (Ndi okpolo)
Asa ahu kpalu m bu nti ga ako ha o (Asa okpolo)
I came, I saw, and conquered
All of them, Mr Wonder  (at all)
Some wish ka mu ba nye under {at all}
I fire them with thunder
Nwa na akuzi kwanu nujuu (oh no no noo no)
Ma na Chi euh
I cover myself ooh
[Repeat Chorus]
[Verse 2: Olamide]
I buy motor I dey travel go obodo oyinbo
Na Private Jet remain for me Baba you know
Okwudili biko bia na eba take me photo
E no easy to dey chill with Governor Ambode
Na Father figure the Governor e be to me oh
Since i lost my dad na him e don adopt me oh
I say gone are the days wey owo dey hungry me
Right about now all the chicks dey sit down with me
I thank Jehova Agu n’eche mba akanchawa oh (akanchawa)
Na Pounds and dollars me and my guys dey take shower oh
Oya Walele where you dey oh (walele eeh)
Ebine Okpako where u dey oh (walele eeh)
[Repeat Chorus]
Sir Emeka Offor I bu onye nna{Fada Fada eeh}
Otunba Kiala n’ibu onye nna{Fada Fada eeh)}
Ogbuefi Chukwu n’eke Okezie Ikpeazu Gburu gburu
Ifeanyi Uba (Fada Fada eeh)
Willi Obiano na Olu gi (Fada Fada eeh)
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