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Black Excellence
West Africa
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Sarkodie – Black Excellence – Lyrics and Translation

Few things I have been thinking about this days
Not like I got it figure out but
I think it’s worth talking about
Yeah listen
[Verse 1]
The young ones, we need to invest
Y3 twa y3 ni fri the people we try to impress
Na fo fuo the girls girls is just bringing us stress
1000 dollar gucci shoes w) dwin s3 ey3 flex
You don’t need to keep up, the world is a trap
All you need is a tea cup, take a sip and relax
Think about it, we’ slaves mentally and it sucks
Cos y3 lacki confidence that be why we showing off stacks
Society is really fuc-ed up, men am sorry
It takes a lot of dedication to build you a story
But now a days mbaa nu feeli boys ah w) m) b3 show off
The ones with the drives and the vision is kind of boring
Girls ni si w) p3 woa dwaggi stay focused
W) m)a w) m) claimi big boy pii bunch are jokers
Wu nafu fuo s3 wu y3 cheap so they can’t hang around with you?
That’s okay, hang around with stock brokers
Steve Job, Warren buffet
Had a dream
Hard-work, dedication, discipline extreme
Etor d3 bia you feel left out sometimes it seems like dead
Don’t you worry w)n s3m w) w)trim
Obi kra 150,000 to show off of course
It can make you feel like you are broke
But you own two houses and a whole lot of investments
Trust me ni sika ni y3 joke
You don’t need a huge amount of money to succeed
You can start with nothing your passion is all you need
Mi mi whole life I never had a capital I just flipped
Midi mi time n3 sow seed
Wias3 ni y3 real now a days
We are still slave though we are not in chains in a cave
But we still crave for the gucci
And try to replace true happiness with this silly things wey we dey praise
Akwesi broni b3ko mall
W) b3tor jeans baku eni lacost bey3 four
Wobibini ni sika swa nso w) b3tor more
Cos w) repeati p3 y3 b3 sri w)
Buy the whole store wotumi kor bea cold store
But no making people happy but you are not happy within
Nie nipa b3ka nti daa nah w) faki w) team
W)tsina party bi nti ew)se w) hwi Louboutin
Wow, you are the hardest ni-ga in the scene
Live rich but you die poor
Woe y3 sensitive nti na miko ni hard-core
And we got to teach the kids
what you wear doesn’t matter
What you feed the brain is worth more
[Bridge – (Nana Akufo-Addo Speech to French President)]
I think there is a fundamental mistake in the statement of the issue in the question
We can no longer continue to make policy for ourselves and our country and our region and our continent
On the basis of whatever support the western world or France or the European Union can give us
It will not work, it has not worked and it will not work
Our responsibility is to charter a path which is about how we can develop our nation ourselves (yeah)
It is not right
[Verse 2]
Ebibi mai
Ni etwi y3n ko atsre pii nu
Wunya abutre nah w) dwin hua ey3 su bai
Akwesi bruni b3si en3 w)di y3 nimo kai
Nyansa kru yia eny3 s3 ebia w)di etuo ni edzai
Y3 nah daa y3 di subuo bor akrunfuo nsu Jack
Wu hw3 muyie ah y3n ah na y3 pushi oman yi back
Y3 su ni y3 bai nti debia na y3 bor obi attack
Nensu nie y3 nim y3 paa nis3 y3ko mpaibo w) pack
Y3di Nyame sum nu aba ab3 replaci akwajro
W)n ko p3 ejuma bi enye na w)b) ni mba na abr)
Asem nika y3 d3n nsu m3ka
Y3n adwen napr)
Defeaters approach Africa man yahei m) M)bro
Y3wor Osafo Katanka w) Ghana nsu yen fa hu
Edidi pr3ko obia p3 sika yen dwin yen mba hu
Nie w)hia ni s3 w)anya beer baku asi nimpa hu
Na watwi hu jot w) wea wap3 Alomo bi akor da hu
Laziness na ebi kum ebibifuo yen p3 ejuma
Asem etu yen ah nsua y3bor obi subuo
Etor debia mi ni w)mienu y3 fata sutr)
Koo dakini dea y3 tsri ni oman ni nkusuo
Emabunu nu yenfa nie y3 w) ni fa emua oman nu
Sika a m)di tor internet mu dwaggi saa subainu
Y3 hwe Wofa Kwame Despite na w) tsri y3n ekwai nu
Wanbo bra anka 37 fuo b3nya abrosani nu
Mr Honourable nti woa wu checki budget ah wodi bay3 ni inflation of figures ah w)d) w) mai?
Y3wo diamond y3wo gold, ekutuo, cocoa ninyinaa bu y3su
W)bia enpes3 w)be bu ehu bai
Nti y3 da su br3
Menyua numoa y3b3 si suo
Y3 hwe b3bia oman nu lacki na y3 sisi tuo
We got to work and make it happen
And this is why am rapping
Yanfa mi aba s3 mibedi ntru
I keep it real
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