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CIA Criminal In Agbada
Woman Of Steel
West Africa
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Yemi Alade – CIA Criminal In Agbada – Lyrics and Translation

Na who be thief
Na who be criminal
Shebi na the man wey dey take all of the money naw
Na the same man wey say he go free me naw
The same man wey con dey treat me like a prisoner
Na who be thief na who be criminal
Who be the owner of the money wey you r chopping na
Oga the people wey you promise you go give dem land
You don dey use your hand to build another man land
Ah ah na who be the thief ooh ( ole ole ole ole)
I say na who be thief ooh (ole ole )
Criminal in agbada
Killing our motherland
Suffocating our agenda
Sitting on the common man
Before before na we be future
You tell us say na we be future of tomorrow ah a
Omo the future don dey scatter
You no know say the future don be man naw
Yeah e
Lies of our life and everything they gave you
Criminal in Agbada
Suffocating our agenda
E be we wey put am for ladder
He used our dreams to climb ladder ooh
(Ole ole ole)
All of dem na criminal
(Ole ole ole)
Criminal in agabda
Power power criminal in agbada
No no no no no no
Touch am cos power fit chop u up o
Even when u get a little it’s still not enough o
The whole power in Africa
is crippled by dthe wickedness in governance
No lie no lie nothing for we to get no mind
but we just dey dey hope
I never see I never see
A continent as tenacious as Africa
Even if you bring fire even if you bring smoke
Anything wey you give us we chop still hope
Ibile ni mi won fi progress if u don’t know
Na criminal in Agbada
E ba mi ki criminal
Ole ole ole ole
Won le body si body owner
Ole ole ole ole
Mr criminal, criminal in agbada
Very dirty politician
Criminal in agbada agbada o
Issa criminal in agbada
No be wey put am for ladder
Using our dreams to climb ladder
Falling our hope
Criminal ( ole ole ole ole
Dem be criminal
Check criminal
Criminal in agbada
Power power power
Criminal in agbada
No no no no
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